19 Nov

The holidays are creeping near and we all worry how we are going to buy everything on our kiddos’ lists. I’m extending my personal promotion for my Le-Vel Brand Promoters for a chance to earn $300 cash to add to your holiday shopping budget!
Holiday gift shopping

Here’s the details:

From now, November 19, 2013, till the end of the month for every NEW customer or promoter you get with a Thrive Experience order of $100 or more, I will put you in a drawing for $300.00 CASH! For every $400 Thrive Experience upgrade order from a NEW promoter your name will be put in the drawing 5 times. NEXT to sweeten up the deal:  for every Promoter that works with  NEW Promoters and helps them reach their 1600VIP you will be entered into another drawing for 300.00 CASH!

dollar signs

How? By helping me promote the Thrive Experience!

So you are probably wondering how to become a promoter? It’s easy! Visit and click the “join now” link at the top of the page.

Once you create your Brand Promoter Account, you will be taken to the ordering screen.  To start earning weekly commissions, you will need to place a $100 minimum order. You can use this for your self or samples to your friends and family. For the ones reading this and think $100 is too much, I have just the answer for you.

We give our promoters FREE product when they refer two friends, JUST TWO FRIENDS, to order online every month. Yes! Free!

How can we do that? It’s simple! We are an online business, so we use cloud technology! Le-Vel owns all the technology needed to run its operations from day to day, and since we use cloud technology, that means no overhead thus allowing us to put the product and money back into the hands of the people who brought us the sales. THAT’S YOU!

Le-Vel pays $660 in bonuses to new brand promoters who bring in $800 in sales within their first 2 weeks. Crazy cool! Bring in $1600 (VIP 1600) in sales your first 2 weeks, and Le-Vel doubles the $660 to $1320! It’s awesome!

Totally awesome

Get all of your friends and family to go to your website now! Help someone get $800 in orders! $1600 in orders in the first 2 weeks!

Duplicate! Duplicate! Duplicate!

Start promoting the Thrive Experience!

Create financial wellness!

Earn $300 cash for Christmas!


Happy Holidays

Get $300 Cash For The Holidays


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